The Chicago Bulls Ended The Miami Heat’s Winning Streak, And Jimmy Butler Made The Bostrich Extinct

A small part of me was sad to see the Heat’s streak end.  It was historic and kind of cool.  Plus, LeBron played out of his mind during these last 28 games.  Its kind of nuts to think that before tonight, Miami hadn’t lost until Super Bowl weekend.  That’s impressive no matter how watered down some claim the league is.  You could play Charlotte 30 games in a row and not win 27 straight.  So yeah, a part of me wanted to see it keep going.  But Jimmy Butler made up for the small disappointment when he dunked all up on the Bostrich.  If there’s one thing Chris is a hall of fame player at, its getting embarrassed on a basketball court.  He can get crossed up and dunked on with the best of them.  Nuts to the face, nuts to the back of the head, it doesn’t matter, Bosh will be there.

The people of Chicago don’t give a damn…  They’ll straight up try to rob you in front of 16,000… 

Some sweet girl is going to bed sad tonight.  This makes me sad.  Sorry, boo.                    

(h/t Bleacher Report)


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