About Water Cooler Talk

Water Cooler Talk isn’t media driven. It isn’t run by professional writers, reporters or columnists. Its brought to you by your typical man. The one who loves sports and has loved sports since he was 3 years of age. Maybe even earlier.

He’s glorified by his parents for being a God damn saint who was never interested in cartoons. Never interested in playing outside with toys. And never interested in playing inside with toys. Nope, he’d rather sit on the couch with his dad watching sporting events & ESPN. And to this day that still hasn’t changed.

From September until mid-February, every Sunday is scheduled for football. No ifs, and’s or but’s about it. Family members reschedule events because thats that rule. Or, they make them Monday-Saturday. Friends know the rule, too. And girlfriends are warn straight from the start: Forget Sunday’s even exist.

Water Cooler Talk is a way of reaching the hardcore fans, the recreational fans, and even the new fans the only way best, through comedy. While at the same time bringing you the most random of current events and stories from all around the world. Yeah, Water Cooler Talk does a little bit of everything.

You don’t have to agree on the opinions, assumptions, or speculation. Maybe Im just an ignorant, scumbag blogger. I could be. Or I could be the funniest, most wise, scumbag blogger. Follow along and be the judge.


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