Phil Jackson Joins Twitter And Then Proceeds To Laugh At The World As He Tweets Away His NBA Championships


11 champ;ipnsikp[ ringhs.  Leave it to the Zen Master to hop on Twitter and set precedent with his very first tweet. Absolutely love it.  I always knew he was swagged out.  He’s that undercover cocky.  When LA fired Mike Brown I was all about Phil coming back and I’m not even a Lakers’ fan.  Then when Brooklyn fired Avery Johnson I was really all about Phil going to Brooklyn.  I am a Brooklyn fan.  Neither happened and it left me disappointed.  Phil cou’d be asking for $20 mill a year and as a GM I’d probably still be like, “alright you’re hired.”  He’s by far and away the greatest NBA coach I’ve ever seen.  He can ask for whatever he want.  He can do whatever he wants.  This tweet along with his avi is enough to rule the Twitter world forever without him even having to touch it every again.  But that’s what Phil does.  He puts his fingerprints on life and turns it to gold.

In case anyone doubts this, Phil was banging his boss’ daughter.  I say ‘was’ only because he’s no longer working for him, and the former boss is dead.  Phil, however, is still banging the guy’s daughter. Phil Jackson – 1, The Rest Of Us – 0.

(h/t @amac0030)


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