Jarome Iginla Traded To The Boston Bruins… A Story I Broke 4-Hours Ago … *EDITED (That Turned Out To Be A Lie)

20130328-004637.jpg predictioniginla

I have no insider information. I’m just your run of the mill sports fan who pays attention to his surroundings. If Team A has a player who is hyped up to be traded before the deadline and all of a sudden he becomes a healthy scratch- after not missing a game since 2006-07, and Team B healthy scratches the players Team A had mentioned wanting in return, then 99.9% of the time there’s a trade in the works. That’s exactly what happened Wednesday night. Like I said at 8:47 and reiterated at 9:28pm, I was just waiting for the Breaking News confirmation.  Thankfully, ESPN came through with that at 12:30am, right before I decided to call it a night. Congratulations, Boston.  You have no excuses anymore.  You got yourselves a hell of a forward.  I’m a huge Iginla fan.  If hockey sweaters were cool to wear, and weren’t so god damn heavy, I’d for sure buy one to rock.


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