Dexter S8 E4 aka Is Deb Dead Yet?



Wow, did I get through Dexter fast last night. Took me like 20 minutes. After I fast forwarded through all of Debra’s scenes, that’s all I was left with. I was able to actually get some shit done too. Had 40 minutes to blow so I went back and watched the episode twice over again. Maybe I missed something. And I did. Dexter’s son definitely isn’t the same actor from season 7. After my third watch, I was able to put a stamp on that. Glad too because that shit has been irking me. I’ve seen child actors hit puberty and become almost unnoticeable. Thought maybe 3 year old Harrison had succumbed to that. But nope, just a new actor.

Not going to lie, Showtime sure is lucky Dexter is on their final season because Deb is almost making this shit unbearable. I really don’t care about her PI job. Or the fact that she’s highly depressed because she killed an innocent person in cold blood with a shot through the body. And I don’t even want to talk about her therapy sessions with Dr. Vogel. Seriously, after seeing Deb force Dexter’s car into the river, I almost went out and did the same to myself.
If Dexter could just go back to killing people and plowing Hannah, that’d be great. Oh yea, where the fuck is Hannah anyways? Pissin me off.
PS they might as well kill off Masuka at this point, right? He has a fucking daughter now? God, he got fucked.
Wish I had 4 hands so I could give this episode 4 thumbs down. Only upside at this point is Jamie and her nudity.


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