About Me, The Sports Reporter

I love sports and have loved sports since I was 3 years of age. Maybe earlier, I cant remember. I just rely on stories from family. My parents are constantly telling about how I was like no child they had ever seen. A god damn saint who was uninterested in cartoons. Uninterested in playing outside with toys. Uninterested in playing inside with toys. Nope, I’d rather sit on the couch with my dad watching sporting events & ESPN. And to this day I wouldn’t have it any other way. From September until mid-February, every Sunday is scheduled for football. No ifs, and’s or but’s about it. I tell family to reschedule events. Or, have them originally scheduled for a Monday-Saturday. Friends know the rule. And I warn girlfriends from the start. Forget Sunday’s even exists. On Thanksgiving I sit at my grandma’s eating turkey, cakes and pies, and watching football. Always the Detroit Lions at noon. And its always the Dallas Cowboys at 3:30pm. When the NFL goes to Thursday Night Football, I’m watching that. When they go to Saturday Night Football, I’m watching that. Monday Night Football? Yup, I’m watching that. When I wake up its Sportscenter and a little FirstTake. Before I go to bed, I’m watching Sportscenter or basically any sporting event that is televised. Minus any soccer event and regular season hockey. I can’t watch either. But, I will watch playoff hockey. Those games are intense! Football is my favorite of all the major sports, then its golf, basketball, auto racing and baseball. Golf is the only sport I participate in playing. And on a sunny, beautiful day there’s nothing I’d rather be doing. As long as that day isn’t Sunday from 1pm until 11:30pm. My fantasy job was becoming a sports reporter, columnist or blogger, and working at the holy grail of sports, ESPN. Unfortunately, due to health complications, finances and the length of time it would take to become a columnist and eventually get to ESPN, my dreams were cut short. For now, sports will remain one of my top loves and the ultimate source of personally recreation.

My blog, Water Cooler Talk, is my way of reaching the hardcore fans, the recreational fans, and even the new fans the only way I know best, through sports. While at the same time bringing you the most random of current events and stories from all around the world. I multi-task. Beware, there will be crude humor and language. That’s just the way I do business. My favorite word is fuck. I use it regularly. Mostly, because you can use it in almost every sentence, in anyway possible. I will not sugar coat or hide behind what is “socially acceptable.” That’s just not fun. No, I like to think that what I say is what a lot of people would like to. Or, I could just be some asshole blogger voicing his opinion in which no one gives a shit.

Anyways, follow the blog, Water Cooler Talk, and follow me on Twitter as well, @WCT_SportReport.

3 thoughts on “About Me, The Sports Reporter

  1. “Or, I could just be some asshole blogger voicing his opinion in which no one gives a shit”
    That’s my vote for you. .

  2. How do I contact you about a particular story? The girl at the dentist getting the silver teeth was likely due to fraud, and the “no parents” part is a part of the scheme


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