College Chicks Are Doing It Right By Posting Cleavage Selfies on Twitter To Show Their School Pride

Daily Mail – Female college students across the U.S. are posting photographs of their cleavage online in a demonstration of school pride.

The trend for ‘boob selfies’ began after University of Kansas student Tiffany Kent tweeted a photo of her breasts in a Jayhawks shirt with the hashtag #kuboobs in the hope of boosting support for her struggling college basketball team during a game in February last year.

The move proved to be a successful one, inspiring a sensational turnaround for the Jayhawks, from a 19-point deficit to a one-point-lead over the Missouri Tigers by the end of the game.

As a result, her hashtag sparked an internet phenomenon, with a Twitter handle of its own, currently boasting 22,500 followers. A Kuboobs Facebookpage has over 12,000 ‘likes’ and a website is also dedicated to the cause.

Even male fans have been getting in on the act, posting their own ‘he-vage’ shots, though without quite the same impact.

The trend has since gone nationwide too, with over 30 spin-off ‘boobs’ Twitter accounts dedicated to cleavage-led support for other colleges, such as @UF_Boobs, @bamaboobs, @arboobs and @vandyboobs.

These Kansas girls are killing the Twitter hashtag game. Tweeting boob selfies with #kuboobs. Cant hate. This is their way of supporting their basketball team. Thats dedication. Thats team spirit. Thats a winner. You get an entire school of girls thinking this way and you’ll win the national championship in every sport. You think the SEC is dominant at football because they just recruit better talent? Hell no. Have you seen some of those southern chicks? Katherine Webb? Sarah Savage? Erin Andrews? These are Grade A’s that made their schools better just by showing up. You think its a coincidence that the other schools to join were Florida, Alabama, Vanderbilt and Arkansas? 4 SEC schools. 4 schools with absolutely southern gems.

Lets forget about the chicks posting numbers, and colors, and hours in support of causes like breast cancer awareness. Lets give a salute to the real women out there, the ones posting tit pics for moral support of their college athletics.

This is the creator of #kuboobs, Tiffany Kent aka @mommyloveswine, her pic was C- at best but greatness has to start somewhere, and this is where this magical trend..

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And these are the Kansas chicks who took her million dollar idea and turned it into a billion dollar product.


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