Is This… A Boob Job Or Not A Boob Job?





Boom! Its Taylor Swift. Everyone’s favorite psycho, serial dating sweetheart. And it looks like she’s upgraded herself so her boyfriends will quit leaving her. Rumors are she went from an “A” to a “B.” Not bad, Tay. Not over the top, but still noticeable since you had nothing there before. Bet you wont have so many relationship problems now. Wont have to leave vacations early due to arguments, wont have to deal with guys playing dark twisted games, and you wont get breakup calls that last 27 seconds. Every guy is gonna like you more than you like them now. Thats great for you. Record sales will go up the wazoo. Keep dating, breaking up and making millions off of it, Tay Tay. You don’t write songs based off your life, you live your life based off your songs. I see your game. I recognize.





article-0-16D8C9E8000005DC-521_634x862 copy


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