It Only Took A Day, But Nev Schulman Has Found The Man Who Joked About Manti Te’o’s ‘Dead Girlfriend’ And Bragged That He Was Behind Her Twitter Profile

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Daily Mail – One of the key players in the Manti Te’o fake girlfriend scandal is a youth leader at his Christian Church and former pharmacy lab technician, MailOnline can reveal.

Al Vaosa, who tweets under the username jayRahz, joked about her and even said he was ‘running her profile’ last December.

He has even said on Twitter that he knew it was all a hoax back in 2008.

Vaosa claims at that point that he severed all ties with Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, who is the main suspect of being the person behind Lennay Kekua, even though she did not actually exist.

It is not currently known what the relationship between the two of them is or when it began.

Vaosa, 28, who is also known as J.R., casts himself as a responsible young adult but he has questions to answer over his role in how Te’o, the star linebacker with Notre Dame college, was apparently duped – and if he was not involved why he did nothing to stop it.

In particular, Vaosa tweeted that Kekua was a fake two days before Te’o found out – and at one point even appears to admit responsibility for the whole thing.




There’s so much hoopla circling around this “Is she real, is she dead?” story. It seems like every hour something new transpires and makes it a little bit worse. Schulman has recently created the last bit of big news. Nothing gets by Nev Schulman. He comes out yesterday and says he’s going to investigate this “Catfish” incident and what do you know, today they basically come forward on Twitter and admit guilt. Nope, no one wants to be investigated by Nev. Dude’s worse than Chris Hansen. He’ll find you, come to your door, and hassle the shit out of your about your fake life. “Why did you do this?” “Did you ever think how they’d feel?” Then he gets to questioning the Catfished person, “How upset were you by these duplicitous relationships?” “How did this experience change your thoughts on social networking?” “When you realized they weren’t who they said they were, and decided to go confront them, what was the scariest thing you imagined you’d find?”

These might look like your run of the mill interrogation questions, but to Nev they’re weapons. He’ll straight up break you and then have you becoming friends with the person afterwards. You’ll become email buddies, send updates on each other’s lives, until you’re one day Best Men at each other’s weddings. I don’t know what it is about him. He’s like the male Oprah. By the time he’s interviewing you, you know it’s too late. There’s no turning back. You’re caught and its now time to come clean.

We can all thank Nev for his ruthless investigation skill. Because of him we all know now that it was a gay Hawaiian who Catfished Manti. I told you Hawaiians stuck together. They even Catfish their own kind.






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