Grade A Prime – Kaley Cuoco


No I don’t watch The Big Bang Theory, but if I ever did it would be for Kaley. Tits and ass you’d dream about. A body that’s off the charts. And a face you have no problem waking up to every morning, showing off to your friends, and bringing home to the family. She has that sweet innocent look, but you can just tell she has a little evil in her. Crazy if you will. And I dig crazy. Mmmm, mmmm, do I ever.


Here are some more Kaley pics if you’re having trouble taking me for my word..


Here’s that evil side I was talking about..



Also, I’d like to add that Maxim only has Kaley at 22. At Kate Upton at 39. While Kristen Stewart and Taylor Swift are 15 and 26 respectively. Cool joke, Maxim. Cool joke.



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