And The Most Overrated Player In The NFL Is…

Shutdown Corner – Everybody’s favorite substitute quarterback/running back/punt protector has logged just 49 offensive snaps and 41 snaps on special teams through the Jets’ first seven games. So, it should come as no surprise that Tebow was named the league’s most overrated player by a crushing margin in a poll of his NFL peers. After 180 players responded to a Sports Illustrated survey, Tebow was seen by 34 percent of those players as the man most in need of a reset in the amount of attention he gets. Bad news for the Jets: The second-most overrated player per the same poll was Mark Sanchez, the man Tebow couldn’t unseat as the team’s starting quarterback. Sanchez received 8 percent of the vote, which tied him with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick finished next with 4 percent of the overrated vote, and Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis rounded out the top-5 list with 3 percent.


Alright so I’m cool with 1-4, but Ray Lewis at 5? Really, guys? Did anyone see what happened to Baltimore last weekend without him? Or how talented Baltimore was before he came into the league? Oh you don’t? That’s because they were the Cleveland Browns and sucked so bad that Art Modell moved them. If you want a player for number 5 put Chris Johnson. He’s overrated. Probably more so than Romo and Vick. The guy had like 24 total yards rushing by the time week 4-5 hit this season. Luckily, Buffalo saved him last week.

I love how the Jets have the top 2 players- both quarterbacks, and the next 2 are NFC East starting quarterbacks. Even better, this was all voted by peers and players of the NFL, not some media members. Its a great day to be a New York Giants fan.



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