Syrian Electronic Army Has Officially Invaded 60 Minutes’ Twitter Account

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Not sure who is in charge of the 60 Minutes Twitter account, but I think they just got fired.  I don’t know if they need better protection for their computer, or maybe they need to start investing in Macintosh’s, but 60 Minutes needs to do something.  Can’t just be letting your shit get hacked for almost an hour.  I keep updating their page and they’ve yet to do anything.  Tweets are all there.  No apology like they put out earlier WHEN THE SAME EXACT THING HAPPENED.  Nope they’re just sitting back like, fuck it.  I guess it sucks when shit just keeps happening no matter how many times you try to fix it.  Its like when Sandra used to yell at me for messing up a room that she’d just cleaned, or like when I’d put dishes in the sink after she’d just emptied the sink into the dishwasher.  It might be kind of like that.  Maybe.

PS, Hope these dudes stay away from @WaterCoolerCEO.  I have enough problems with Twitter adding random people or blocking random people; I don’t need it sending out terrorist, government bashing tweets, too.



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