Massachusetts Police Protect, And They Serve


Exactly like how Lyndon Byers page put it, one of the less publicized acts by Mass State Police.  Mass has a lunatic terrorist running around the town, a family is out of milk during the lockdown, and up steps Massachusetts finest.  Protecting and serving.  Exactly like they say they do.  This guy didn’t have to run to the store for this family.  He easily could have just said, ma’am, sir, we’re a little busy right now.  I think you can go without milk for a few hours.  But he didn’t.  He didn’t take the dickhead approach.  Nope.  He simply went down to the nearest store and purchased 2 gallons.  And if you think I just randomly created that dickhead scenario because I’m a dickhead, think again.  Head on over to Lydon Byers’ page and read some of the comments under the photo.  Some people honestly just love to be negative.  I choose to look at this the correct way.  The positive way.  This officer was upstanding.  I salute him.

(h/t Jamie)


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