Gotcha, Bitch! America!

In case you missed it, or slept for the last week, there were a couple terrorist running around Boston.  Not anymore though.  Beantown, along with the rest of America, held a manhunt for suspect #2 for roughly 14 hours. The overall hunt for him and his brother was around 22 hours.  Of course, I stayed up the entire time.  Made it 36 straight hours without sleeping.  I was running on adrenaline.  Police scanners on about 4 tabs, news outlets all over my TV and a constant output of tweets.  That’s how I manhunted.  The police, however, shut down the city, held a perimeter, used bullets, rubber bullets, flash grenades, thermal blackhawks, and robots to manhunt Dzhokhar.  In short, they went all out.  Around 8pm, officers lifted the ban for citizens to go outside.  Upon doing this, one guy went out to have a cigarette and noticed something was amiss with his boat’s tarp.  He walked over, noticed blood, lifted the tarp and saw the suspect.  He then darted back to his house and called police.  It didn’t take long before police were surrounding the house and having yet again, another shootout with the suspect.  This one didn’t last long.  A negotiator was used, but at first the suspect was uncommunicative.  It took 20-30 minutes for police to get him to stand up and show that he was not strapped with explosives.  Once he agreed to this they swarmed the boat and took him in.  Currently he’s at a hospital in critical condition due to the extreme amount of blood loss.  Let’s hope he makes it and questioning can begin.

I’d like to also say that as much as I joke about manhunting all day yesterday, truthfully I take no credit for catching him since all I did was sit on my couch in my underwear tweeting all the news I was hearing, but I like to think I deserve one-fifteenth of one percent of credit.  Of course, the real heroes are Boston’s law enforcement.  They did a hell of a job catching these two.  It could have been so much worse.  Especially considering the shootout they were involved in with the suspects around 7am Friday morning.  200-plus rounds of ammunition were collected. That’s just unreal.  This whole thing is unreal.  Thankfully both are caught.  Justice can be sought.  And hopefully, HOPEFULLY, no one else was involved and this is now somewhat over.


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