The Tsarnaev Family Says That Tamerlan And Dzhokhar Are Being Framed; Except For The Smart Uncle, He Says They’re Losers

Nutso alert!  Maret Tsarnaev, aunt of both of the Boston Bombers, came out in an interview today to say that her nephews are being framed.  She’s a lawyer in Toronto, Canada, and she says that her nephews are just kids and had no way of getting all of these explosives, guns and ammo.  She says its work done by other people who are blaming it on her family.  Then that was followed up by their father and mother claiming the same story.  They fully believe this is a conspiracy to ruin their sons.  They say they’re 100% sure.  I’m sure coming to reality that your kids are terrorist isn’t the easiest thing to do, but facts are facts right now.  Your oldest son was found with explosives wrapped around his body with a trigger attached.  A Boston marathoner who had his legs blown off looked your son dead in the eye when he dropped the backpack off, minutes before it exploded.  They were involved in a shootout late last night/early this morning that involved explosives and 200-plus rounds of ammunition.  Injuring 15 police officers.

I’d be shocked to hear this about my own kids, or nephews or what have you, but right now its not looking good for the Tsarnaev family.  Currently it looks like your kids are America’s Most Wanted, and our newest, youngest terrorists.  Its going to suck for the family defending them if Dzhokhar gets caught alive and admits to all of this. For America’s safety, dead or alive is good as long as he’s caught.  Although alive would mean heavy questioning about who else was involved in this case.  Because if there’s one thing I’m sure of, these two aren’t on their own.

PS, The smartest member of their family is the uncle. Blatantly calling his nephews “losers” who have hatred for others religion and lifestyle.  Here was his interview … 


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