Here’s A Rundown Of Boston’s Wild Thursday Night That Seems To Never Want To End

Boston had a “made for movie” Thursday night.  Started off with an MIT police officer being shot.  Then it led to a carjacking at a Shell gas station.  They stole a police SUV.  This led to a shootout with police officers.  All the while no way could tie together whether this was the Boston Bombing suspects or just a couple nut jobs.  The MIT officer ended up dying.  Two other officers were wounded during the shootout.  Some rando person was apprehended, and stripped naked before being put in a cruiser.  The whole time police were looking for two guys. Turns out, the MIT shooting and carjacking were done by the Boston Bombers.  They had long armed guns, ammo, explosives, military issued grenades, IED grenades, and were ready to go down with a fight.  The first suspect of the bombings was taken into custody, but died afterwards due to injuries suffered during the shootout. Suspect #2, the white Polo hat guy, took off and still has yet to be caught.  Its been 6-plus hours of this guy hiding out on the run.  His name is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, he’s 19-years old, and he’s from  Russia’s south.  Him and his brother- suspect #1- have been living int he U.S. for the last year after moving from Turkey.  News even broke that in 2011, the city of Cambridge awarded Dzhokhar Tsarnaev a $2,500 scholarship for Cambridge Rindge & Latin School.

I feel like I could be missing so much more information to share with you guys, but its been a long night.  Its 7:21am Friday morning and I’m going off like 20 minutes off here and there dozing.  I couldn’t miss this story.  I had Boston’s PD scanner playing at like midnight, hours before CNN decided to jump on.  It was basically some reporters from the scene tweeting- Matthew Keys and Seth Mnookin, David Portnoy from Barstool Sports tweeting, Marc Bertrand from 98.5 tweeting, and myself just relaying news to the Twitter world.

Here are some images and video from the events:


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