Boston Doesn’t Look Like Boston, Today

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Boston looks like a complete ghost town.  If you know anything about Boston you know that this is very unusual. The last thing Boston ever is is empty.  People constantly all over the place.  Driving, walking, or just sitting on benches.  People are out at all times of the day and night.  Except for cars on the streets and police, no one is out in Boston today.  Its such a weird thing to see.  Absolutely necessary though.  People out and about while some armed man with bombs and guns is out is not a good thing.  Police need the area to themselves.  Hopefully this manhunt doesn’t take too much longer.  We’re already going on 17 hours.  15 of which The Sports Reporter hasn’t slept.  A 2-hour nap this afternoon after lunch was my only shut eye.  Bloggers can’t sleep on news.  Especially Breaking News.  I have CNN on TV, Police Scanners running through my laptop and Twitter scrolling through my iPhone.  If there’s breaking news, I’ll hear about it.  And that means so will you.  Viva America!


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