Boston Bombing Suspect #1 Enjoys Bridgestone Golf

Boston Bombing suspect #1 is wearing a Bridgestone Golf hat.  I always knew Bridgestone was a C- product.  If there’s one thing I always tell STL and ChefBoyRD, its that Bridgestone Golf is C- product.  STL laughs at me and then proceeds to tell me how much he loves his Bridgestone golf ball.  How it’s his favorite and he couldn’t live with himself if he hit it in the woods.  Then ChefBoyRD says how he doesn’t care what he hits.  Rock Flight? Sounds good.  Pass it on this way.  Meanwhile, The Sports Reporter only hits Titleist and Nike.  Why?  Because The Sports Reporter isn’t a God damn terrorist.  Bridgestone might want to put out a presser saying they don’t support terrorism.  Terrorists wear Bridgestone Golf hats.  Hats that you can apparently buy at your local Wal-Mart …


Doesn’t get much more American that Wal-Mart so to know that terrorists shop there kind of breaks my heart. Looks like its Stop & Shop and Target going forward for this American citizen.

Oh, and PS, if you enjoy wearing hats I’d hold off until these two are caught.  You don’t want anyone mistaking you for bomb suspects because you happen to have the same hairstyle or hat.  That’s a bad day turned AIDS.

PSS, No suspect #1 is not a golfer.  Golf, and golfers, are too good to be associated negatively with these events.  He’s just like a majority of poor, redneck Americans.. he buys his clothing from Wal-Mart.


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