6-Year Old Asian Girl Gets Her Head Stuck In-Between Two Walls

Fox St Louis – A six year old girl is happy to be free. Over the weekend a Chinese girl could not go anywhere for three hours. She accidentally jammed her head between two walls while playing outside her home. Firefighters had to drill into the wall to free her. The child was taken to the hospital to be check out. So far she is doing fine.


I have to start this off by saying if you didn’t look at that photo, watch the video, and then laugh, I don’t want to know you.  Ever.  I laughed to myself for a good 3-minutes after seeing this.  Baby J just keeps making people more stupid by the day.  Now, I could make an Asian flat face joke out of this.  Or an Asian parents hating their daughter joke.  Or a woman intelligence joke.  But all 3 of those are just too simple.  They just scream at you from the start.  All I want to know is how she got her head stuck in there while playing with other kids.  Like Jesus Christ, kid.  Do you have a drool catcher?  Can you even judge space correctly?  Because obviously you can’t.  She was probably that kid in pre-school who kept trying to fit the rectangle shape in the square hole because is looked like it’d fit.  That assumption just got her a 3-hour timeout between concrete and cement.

Is this how the Asian flat face stereotype was started?  Do they all go around getting their heads stuck in-between walls?  Also, is the reporter serious with the “small crevice”?  Far from small, sweetheart.  Far from a crevice, either.  Sadly, the answer boils down to the first three assumptions and stereotypes I brought up in the beginning: The broad is dumb as fuck, her parents apparently don’t care about her or watch her, and now her face and head is flatter than Cameron Diaz’s chest.

God damn has Cameron fallen off since the mid-90’s.  Shame City.


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