Who Am I, Wednesday?

Answer is Ziggy Ansah.  He’s a BYU defensive end trying to make it big in the NFL, only NFL scouts for the draft don’t believe his age.  Reports out of the combine were that he looked “old in the face.”  I’m not going to lie, dude does look like he’s 30-plus.  However, he says he’s 24 and has a passport to prove it.  Not sure how legit that is since Danny Almonte was sitting kids down in the Little League World Series for the Bronx as a 17-year old pretending he was 13-14.  If there’s one thing our country, as well as sports officials can’t do, its judge age.  Just look at Greg Oden.  He came out of Ohio State looking like he was 55, claiming he was 19, got drafted number 1 and then his knees broke down.  His knees.  A 19-year old’s knees no longer worked.  Right.  Whatever Oden was eating and drinking, Ziggy Ansah is also sipping and nibbling on.  No doubt he’s 35 or older.  Just wait until some team drafts him and his knees becoming arthritic by the end of the 2013-14 season.  Wherever he gets drafted I hope they have respectable care for the elderly.  Ziggy is going to need that TLC when he’s being wheeled around in his chair, requesting sponge baths 3 times a week.


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