76-Year Old Broad Murders Her Daughter 56 Years Ago And Gets Sentenced To 45-Days In Jail

Huff Post – A Wisconsin woman recently convicted of killing her daughter more than 50 years ago is an “evil monster” who deserves to die in prison, said her adult son, who claims he suffered years of horrific abuse at his mother’s hands.

Ruby C. Klokow, 76, of Sheboygan, pleaded no contest in February to second-degree murder in the 1957 death of her 6-month-old daughter, Jeaneen. But as part of a plea agreement, prosecutors have agreed to recommend a sentence of 45 days in jail and 10 years’ probation, citing her age and medical issues. That’s unacceptable, said her son, James Klokow Jr. He wants his mother sentenced to 20 years, certain that she won’t live long enough to serve the entire term.

“Anybody that kills a little child that can’t defend themselves is an evil monster and don’t deserve to have freedom,” the 57-year-old told The Associated Press on Monday, a few hours before his mother was originally scheduled to be sentenced.

The sentencing hearing was later delayed to May 1. A message left with her attorney was not immediately returned. Ruby Klokow initially told investigators Jeaneen had rolled off a couch and bumped her head, and investigators ruled the baby’s death an accident. But the case was reopened in 2008, after James Klokow reported stories of abuse. After a lengthy investigation, Ruby Klokow eventually conceded she may have roughly thrown the baby on the couch, causing her to bounce to the floor.

“I think she didn’t want us to be born,” James Klokow said.

Ruby Klokow’s criminal case has been delayed several times since she was charged in 2011. Her mental health status was in question, but a judge ultimately decided she was competent to assist in her defense.


Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!  You mean to tell me you can kill you daughter, get away with it for 56-years, and then when you’re finally convicted you get 45 days in jail as punishment?!  Holy shit, that has to be the worst ruling in the history of our judicial system.  Worse than OJ getting away with it.  Worse than Casey Anthony walking around trying to re-pregnate herself.  I don’t care if she’s 76, 86, 96 or 106, and she gets convicted of murder from any point in her life, then she needs to rot away behind bars.  I’ll gladly pay the tax dollars.  She’s not going to sit at home in her rocker, watching Price is Right, eating lunch at 11:30, dinner at 3:30 and getting to sleep at 7.  She’s sitting in an 8×6 with no tv, no tuna sandwiches, no craft hour, no lunch at 11:30, no dinner at 3:30, no news at 5.  Its lunch at 12:30, dinner at 5 and sleep whenever the fuck they shut the lights off.  That’s how murders get treated.  Either that or they should stick her in a nursing home.  Sandra says they suck and that if I ever place her in one when I’m older she’s disowning me.  I guess since she didn’t kill me at 6-months old, and still cooks for me I’ll give her a break and let her suffer/die at home unattended at an old age like she wishes.

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