NJ Police Pepper Spray Wild Rutgers Block Party, But Take It Too Far With One Student

NY Daily News – Rutgers University students’ revelry was cut short when a street party turned violent and police pepper sprayed some of them, including one female ordered to put down her Frisbee. Cops in New Brunswick, N.J. — clad in riot gear and holding shields and batons — arrived to a chaotic scene around 5 p.m. Saturday with about 200 people scaling rooftops, setting furniture on fire, throwing bottles and fighting on a residential street near the campus. Several arrests were made, including for assaulting police officers and disorderly conduct, New Brunswick Police Director Anthony Caputo told the Newark Star-Ledger.

“We are in the process of collecting videos on the Internet,” Caputo said. “We are going to be aggressively trying to identify people for possible criminal charges, particularly people starting fires in the middle of the street.”

Students told the Star-Ledger that the all-day block party on Delafield Street called “Delafest” only got of out of control when police showed up. The area is home to mainly off-campus Rutgers students.


MSN News – Rutgers junior Gina Barretti is claiming police brutality after alleged being maced in the face by a New Brunswick officer during a daytime drunk fest near the New Jersey campus. We’d describe the incident ourselves, but we really don’t think we could put it better than Gina herself: “A cop came out with the pepper spray and was like ‘put the Frisbee down’ and I was like ‘woah woah woah’ and like two seconds later he was like BAM.” Unfortunately for her, the above video of the rager demonstrates that the “innocent-frisbee-holder” was also acting like a damn fool. Dressed in cut-off shorts and a neon hat, Barretti can be seen crudely taunting police officers, throwing bottles and eventually pouring fuel onto a burning couch.


I saw the article, read it, and thought what most of you are thinking, “God damn college kids causing a ruckus.” But something struck me differently, the chick that got pepper sprayed for the frisbee, what’d she look like? Because if she was Grade A, you can’t go pepper spraying her over a frisbee.  But if she’s chopped liver, you have to pepper spray her.  No matter if she puts the frisbee down or not.  Well, folks, here’s the chick who was pepper sprayed…

The fact that Gina Barretti was pepper sprayed is an abomination.  Look at that blonde beauty.  How could you ruin that face and make her cry by pepper spraying it?  Cops, man.  They have no feelings.  I don’t care that she was taunting you with her neon green hate, cut off jeans shorts, low cut tank top and redneck flannel.  I’d have hugged her and politely talked to her about what was going on.  Let her know that I would not pepper spray her, but that her ugly friends would not be given that treatment so she might want to get aside or go wait by the cruiser.  Some people have to be given special privileges.  I’m sorry.  That’s the way of the world.  Pretty people get away with things.  Rich people get away with things.  Pretty and rich people get away with everything.  That’s life.  If you don’t like it go make money, and get yourself some reconstructive facial surgery.  Otherwise, sit back and be judged in a lower, unforgiven light.

PS, Jersey is officially a shit hole.

PSS, But I need to be a part of at least one of these Delafest events before I die.


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