Kobe Bryant Has Suffered A Torn Achilles, Thereby Ending The Lakers’ Season


What looked like your routine drive left to the basket resulted in a defensive foul and Kobe going down to the ground immediately.  He grabbed right for his left ankle/Achilles area and began holding and rubbing it.  There was no quickly getting up, bending at the knees, and trying to run it off.  He could barely stand, and once he did, he hobbled to the bench in complete agony.  He walked back out onto the court after the timeout, stayed in the game, made both free throws, then headed to the locker room after LA intentionally fouled to get him out of the game.  I was watching it live, and it was quite obvious this wasn’t your routine injury.  But with Kobe, he’s recovered from everything so you never count him out.  Well, guys.  Count him out for the rest of the regular season and post season.  LA is suspecting that Bryant tore his Achilles on the play.  Bryant even admitted that when he went to cut he heard the tendon pop.  That’s never a good thing.

Seeing Kobe near tears in his interview after the game was kind of wrenching.  Unlike most athletes he truly loves the sport and plays it for the reason. Sure, he makes buckets of money on and off the court, but if the NBA had financial issues and everyone’s salary was chopped and he made half as much he’d still go as hard as he went previous.  He’s passionate for the sport, and even more so he’s passionate about winning.  Doesn’t matter what it is.  He’ll cross up his grandma, or dunk on his mom if it means a “W” or an NBA title.  That’s what I respect the most out of him.  The competitive edge.  Get well, Mamba.  This season was hopeless one anyways.  I appreciate the complete, full season effort though.  You’re a one of a kind athlete.  A pleasure to watch.

PS, I don’t want to say I broke the story first.  But I kind of did.  Check the timestamps if you wish.  I may have not said “Its being speculated that Kobe torn his Achilles,” but I officially announced his Achilles injury before the World Wide Leader, and before Los Angeles.  I guess Stephen A is wrong when he says you need a communications degree and decades of experience to be as knowledgeable as himself and Skip.  All you really need is intelligence, a TV and a passion for sports.  I have the degree for all 3.


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