LeBron James Leads The Fast Break Alley Oop… To Himself

No Dwyane Wade.  No Chris Bosh.  No problem.  LeBron James just hustles down the court on the fast break, jumps in the air, throws the ball off the backboard and completes the self made alley oop.  King type shit.  Must be pretty shitty being in the NBA and looking at this guy and realizing you’re not even close to half his talent, never mind being better than him.  He’s on his own level.  28-years old and just hitting his prime.  By far the greatest physical specimen basketball has ever seen.  He makes the game look so effortless.  Like he’s even close to trying his hardest.  And to be honest, I’ve yet to believe LeBron James has fully gone 100% on a basketball court.  And that’s scary.

PS, I’m pretty sure that’s technically a travel or an up and down since he left the ground with the ball, threw it off the backboard, landed, and went back up for it.  If he hadn’t landed and jumped again I’m sure it would have been legal.  But this is the NBA.  The NBA does violate it’s stars.  It rewards them even when they cheat.


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