Golf Once Again One-Ups Baseball

Everyday that STL and I walk down the 8th green at our home course we get to talking about how shitty baseball is.  This gets brought up because there’s a little league field across the street.  Back in the day, when I had my slice, I was killing those tee ball bitches.  Now, I’m straight down the fairway just laughing at how shitty their sport truly is.  For real, though.  Not only is it one of the most boring sports to watch on TV, but its not even enjoyable in person or while playing.  Once you’ve seen one web gem, you’ve seen them all.  They all start to mesh together.  And to make matters worse, once you take away the shittiness of the sport, it doesn’t even bring perks to it’s concession stands.  A 12oz beer at Fenway costs $5.  16oz costs $8.  Beer at The Masters? $3-$4.  Sandwiches are no more than $3.  Sodas are $1.50.  Snacks are $1.  And breakfast is $1-$2.  That’s giving back to your fans.  I’m fucking psyched for The Masters this weekend.  Thursday can’t come soon enough.  Get out of my face with baseball.  Get out of my face with the ending of the NBA season.  Even hockey can take a break for 4 days.  I’m all about the white ball, the plush green and S-wedge from 140 out.  Only Tiger, bro.  Only Tiger.


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