Vince And The WWE Came Out Throwing Punches On Raw

If there’s one thing the WWE knows how to do its script a Raw the day after Wrestlemania.  Last year’s Raw and this year’s Raw were the two best performances the WWE has put on in the last year.  Better than both Wrestlemanias combined.  Ziggler winning the title and Ryback turning on Cena were exactly what WWE needed to give it’s fans.  I thought for sure Vince was going to leave us pissed off with Ryback helping Cena get up and the cameras cutting, but not so fast.  Vinny Mac pulled the chair right out from under us.  The sneaky snake.  I guess that’s how he became a billionaire.  That, and charging $50-$70 for so-so Pay-Per-Views.

PS, I need to shout out the East Rutherford crowd for tonight’s performance.  They’re definitely getting their own blog in a bit, but I need to give them their credit asap.  They laid it all out on the line.  Spoke for every member of the WWE Universe.  Every city from here on out is on notice.  Leave the kid shit at home.  No more Mr. Nice WWE Universe.  Bring your ‘A’ game or get left off the schedule.

PSS, Here’s another video of the Ryback-Cena encounter.  WWE decided they’d edit theirs to remove a key Ryback gesture at the end.  Not so fast, WWE.  The Sports Reporter sees everything…  



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