The NCAA Profitting Off Of “Kevin Ware – Rise To The Occasion” T-Shirts


Nothing like the NCAA capitalizing off a young man’s horrific injury.  But that’s what the NCAA does day in and day out.  They capitalize off of kids while punishing them for even getting a happy meal for free.  Why?  Because an education is payment enough, that’s why.  Right.  Let’s face it, South Park put it in perspective when they compared college athletics to slavery.  These kids do all the work, make all the money for old, rich white guys and then don’t receive a dime of the profits for themselves.  Then when they suffer horrific injuries like Kevin Ware did on Sunday, the NCAA goes out and makes $25 “inspirational” t-shirts for him, his teammates and fans.  Then they’ll strut him out on ESPN for a few interviews, and then hold a press conference for him.  They’ll make Kevin the new flavor of the week.  But Kevin’s not allowed to see any money, oh no.  He can’t even have someone buy him a chicken dinner from Hooters without him or his family having to fork over the $14.99.  Oh, and hell be ridiculed for ruining college basketball and leaving school early to pursue a career in the NBA.  The NCAA is a bunch of assholes.

Side Note: Rise To The Occasion is kind of a fucked up slogan for someone who just broke his tibia in two places and had 6 inches of it showing out of his shin.  I know its ADIDAS’ thing right now, but come on.  That’s just gross irony if you ask me.

(h/t MSN Now)

One thought on “The NCAA Profitting Off Of “Kevin Ware – Rise To The Occasion” T-Shirts

  1. Let’s look at this from a different perspective. Kevin Ware is gifted enough to go to an elite Division 1 program. There are risks. The human body can be fragile in different situations and the school did not knowingly put Kevin Ware in a situation that was inherently dangerous. My educated guess is that after the injury, a tremendous effort went in to ensuring his medical care was top of the line. I’ll bet strongly that his family was made every convenience to be by his side at the school’s expense. This all costs A LOT of money that University of Louisville is paying for! If a t-shirt sale raises funds to cover these type of innocuous but important expenses: bravo to Louisville!


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