Yuck City, Population Lindsay Lohan


Bruises and pale skin equal Yuck City fa days.  I can’t believe I ever wanted to have sex with this cocaine addicted alcoholic.  She can’t even rock a bikini.  Pale as shit.  No body. Bruised up legs.  Red hair.  Everything I hate in a broad.  Yet if she were to walk into my home right this second, strip and jump in my bed I would have no choice but to do the deed.  I feel like I owe it to the 17-18 year old Sports Reporter that used to find her hot.

PS, Seriously, though, how do you get bruises like that on your leg?  Some dude beat her for not paying him upfront, right?  Those aren’t “I walked into the counter” bruises.  Google says she’s only 5’5″.

One thought on “Yuck City, Population Lindsay Lohan

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