Rutgers Men’s Basketball Coach Mike Rice Calls His Players Faggots And Throws Basketballs At Their Heads


Mike Rice completely gives no fucks.  He redefines not giving any fucks.  Throwing basketballs at your players like they’re dodge balls makes Bob Knight throwing chairs and swearing look like Mother Theresa.  The best part about this is that he only got a 3-game suspension so far, and the Rutgers AD is defending that penalty.  I never want to hear a player complain about practices being too hard, or too long, or that their coach has a strict schedule. Unless you’re ducking basketballs throughout practice, you’re living it easy.  Also, I’m disgusted that some players actually transferred from Rutgers after this.  Jesus Christ, guys, be men.  Dude throws a ball at you, throw it back. Then don’t do whatever pissed him off in the first place.  Pretty easy concept.  Sandra once chucked a head of lettuce at me.  And to make matters worse it was right at my balls.  Took me right to the ground.  I didn’t ask for an emancipation from her.  No.  I realized that because I threw the lettuce at her first and because I was getting rowdy with her I should probably never do that again.  So I never did.  And I never got hit with a head of lettuce ever again. Badda bing, badda boom.  You live and you learn.  Rutgers apparently has a bunch of wusses.  Probably why I never see them in the NCAA tournament.


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