Pope Francis Says He Has One And Two-Thirds Lungs


Huff Post – Despite erroneous reports that Pope Francis has lived most of his life with just one lung, the surgery actually only removed the upper part of his right lung, and his friends and family say he remains in good health for a 76-year-old man.

The Buenos Aires archdiocese and the Vatican have declined to provide medical reports or specific details about the surgery. Erroneous reports that his entire lung was removed have appeared in numerous media, including Argentine newspapers and The Associated Press, since as early as 2005, when Bergoglio was considered a potential successor to Pope John Paul II.

But the Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, put it this way after Bergoglio succeeded Benedict XVI: “I confirm that many, many years ago he had an operation in which part of a lung was removed.” Lombardi added that it wasn’t a handicap for Francis, and that “those who know him have always seen him in good health.”

Bergoglio’s former spokesmen, Federico Wals and Guillermo Marco, said they didn’t know any details about the operation, which would have occurred in the late 1950s. They said the diocese does not have his medical records.


Never thought I’d ever say this, but The Pope and I, The Sports Reporter, have a little something in common.  We both have had our upper right lung removed.  Mine, because it was rotting, his, well I don’t know why.  Another tidbit, we both joke about how we have one lung.  I’m already starting to like this guy and I know absolutely nothing about him besides they call him Pope Francis and he has one and two-thirds lungs.  Knowing this, it looks like I could be Pope.  Kind of scary, huh?  I can defend him in saying there is no handicap in having your upper right lung removed.  It actually improved my health and has made me live longer. I’ll break it down for you real quick, most likely his case was like mine where the upper lobe was rotting- like meat left out on the counter- and while inside of him it was attacking the rest of his lungs and body, causing infections throughout.  By removing it, you’re removing the infection and rot so that the rest of the organs and insides can work to their fullest potential. Which leads to better health.  I’m just kind of curious as to what caused it in his case.  I’d imagine he has some kind of lung ailment.  I don’t want to wish CF on him, but I’d be pretty proud if that were the case.  76 years old and Pope?  With CF?  Baby J just doing the damn thing.



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