Is This… Lindsay Lohan Playing A Joke, Or Lindsay Lohan Being Serious?


Lindsay Lohan says she’s pregnant, guys!  Not sure if this is an April Fool’s joke or if this is Lindsay just casually breaking the news to the general pub.  Either way, I’m not disappointed. Would I be surprised if Lindsay were pregnant?  No, cocaine is a hell of a drug and will make you do weird shit.  Like sleep with any Joe Schmoe unprotected.  Now, would I be surprised if she thought this were a funny joke.  Also, no.  The only pub she gets is negative pub so why not go with the most outlandish of tweets for April 1st in order to get everyone talking about you in a not so “Lindsay is off doing drugs” kind of way.  Her timestamp says she sent it April 2nd, so… maybe its true????


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