Louisville Basketball Took Kevin Ware’s Broken Leg Real Hard

By now everyone has seen or heard about this.  I still felt the need to blog it though.  Yesterday I decided to take a nap after Florida lost.  My Easter wasn’t going so well so I just wanted the day to end.  I didn’t feel like the day could get much worse.  That’s until I woke up to see Louisville’s players crying and everyone standing around like someone had just died.  I was clueless as to what had happened.  Did someone suffer a heart attack?  What was up?  I decided to rewind the TV- DVR is awesome- and there I saw it, one of the grossest injuries I had every seen.  I almost threw up re-watching it.  No way that wasn’t painful.  However, my question is why’d it break?  All he did was jump and land.  Nothing outrageous.  Word today is that he might have had a stress fracture already that had gone undetected and when he landed it caused enough pressure to finish the break.  That’s really the only logical conclusion.  I hope Kevin has a speedy recovery and is back on the court asap.  Missing out on the Final Four in his hometown and potentially missing the Championship game sucks, but at least he can come back to playing ball again next year.

As nice as it was to see his team rally around him and dominate Duke in the 2nd half after the injury, was the crying and emotional breakdowns really necessary?  I could just be sounding like a male chauvinist, but it was just a broken leg. Granted it came through the skin, but it wasn’t like he was dying.  Even though the whole bench reacted like they’d just seen someone slaughtered.  That surprised me the most.  He was alright, guys. Compound fractured leg, yeah.  Death, no.  


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