Looks Like A Lot Of Yankees’ Fans Were Excited For Opening Day

Yankees’ fans doing it big per usual.  Opening day.  Red Sox in the Bronx.  Yanks down 8-2.  And by the looks of it there was about 7 fans in the stand during the 8th inning.  For most teams you’d just blame in on the weather, the score and their history.  Like the Marlins.  No one cares about the Marlins.  Fuck ’em.  I’d leave in the 7th inning during their stretch.  But Yankee fans are more boisterous than Marlins fans.  They have more history behind them. Plus, this was Yanks-Sox on Opening Day.  This isn’t game number 53.  Leave it to the Yanks, though.  When they’re winning, everyone’s onboard.  When they’re losing, everyone’s quiet.  Typical Yankees’ fans.


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