Ho Hum, Just Another Elite 8 For Florida

I had all the FGCU alum and fans coming after me this week when I posted their pep rally video.  I was shocked. Couldn’t believe so many people hated Florida.  Of course it was FGCU and FSU fans so that didn’t surprise me, jealousy is a bitch.  That’s what happens when you win, though.  You start to develop haters.  Haters hate seeing someone else do well.  You win a couple NCAA basketball championships, then you follow it up with a couple NCAA football championships and all of a sudden you have the bullseye of all bullseyes on you. I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’d rather be hated for winning, than loved for being some Cinderella squad who can’t get past the Sweet 16.  Chomp City, BITCH!!!

A dude left this comment under my “FGCU ‘Florida Gators’ Chant” YouTube video…

I’ll party with mjroq anyday. Hit me up, bro.  Let’s party away the Elite 8.  Michigan is about to catch the bully beat down.

2 thoughts on “Ho Hum, Just Another Elite 8 For Florida

  1. Nice follow up in the Michigan game, Gators…

    I guess you’ll have to root for the Wolverines to somehow figure out Syracuse’s zone, although I’m not sure they can do it.


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