McDonald’s Customer Throws Foods At Pregnant Worker After Becoming Enraged With His Mistaken Order

WFSB – A Fairfield man was arrested at a McDonald’s Tuesday after police said he became so enraged that the sandwich he ordered was not made the way he wanted that he returned to the fast food establishment and threw the food at the pregnant manager.

Police said just before 10 p.m. they received a 911 call from an employee at the McDonald’s on Black Rock Turnpike that there was an out-of-control man at the drive up window. The caller said the man fled the scene in a white BMW but were able to provide police with plate information.

Geoffrey Weglarz, 55, was arrested at his home and was charged with breach of peace. Police said Weglarz placed an order at the drive thru window and then drove away. A short time later, presumably after checking his order, he returned and began to bang on the front door, which was locked.

The employee told Weglarz that he could not enter the store, so he went back to the drive thru window and began to scream and swear at the pregnant manager before throwing the food, striking her in the chest. Weglarz continued to scream, yell and bang on the windows until the manager yelled to her fellow employees to call police.

“She even mentioned to him she was pregnant. He didn’t care,” said Fairfield Police Lt. James Perez. “He was so enraged.”

Weglarz then fled the scene.


I know exactly how this man feels.  The other day I ordered a #4 with no cheese, medium fry and a large chocolate shake with no topping.  What I got was a #4 with cheese, a large fry and a chocolate shake with topping.  When I brought the cheeseburgers back- because let’s face it, I was keeping the free upgrade on fries- the chick replied “I’m sorry I thought you said a #4 with cheese.”  In case anyone didn’t know a #4 is 2 cheeseburgers.  I shouldn’t also have to tell her to put cheese on it.  Obviously I was asking for it without.  But that’s what a non-high school diploma will get you.  There’s a reason fast food is an after school job.  My professor once told me that working in the fast food business is one of the hardest things to do.  I think she was bit mistaken. I feel like its one of the easiest jobs to do.  Yeah, its busy.  But its mostly just following orders, right?  Not much of the shit is made fresh. You just walk on over to the heated lamps, grab my burgers, scoop some fries into a container and dispense my drink from a machine.  I know 5-year olds that take better orders.  I feel like within 2-3 days of training or practice everyone should be able to do this job.  Its not like performing open heart surgery or becoming a chemist.  Its like being a really poor, low-class waiter/waitress.  Simple life.

PS, Maybe assaulting a pregnant woman was a little over the top, but hunger is a bitch.  Take it from Snickers, “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry.”

2 thoughts on “McDonald’s Customer Throws Foods At Pregnant Worker After Becoming Enraged With His Mistaken Order

  1. This is the sad part of this story. The customer is unemployed and as a middle aged man – not much out there in the job market.
    The folks at NcDonalds are lucky enough to HAVE jobs yet they don’t care enough to do their jobs correctly.
    Yes, minimum wage jobs – but still a job and they should take some amount if pride in that.

    • I agree with you about workers having more respect for their jobs, but I don’t see where the customer being employer has anything to do with the story… You still have to be respectful of the general public whether you’re employed or not. Especially if the public is a pregnant woman.


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