Windham Schools Ban Dodgeball Because They Consider It Human Targeting

Eagle Tribune – Dodgeball has been banned in Windham schools, due to concerns about violence and bullying. The School Board voted, 4-1, last week to remove dodgeball and nine other “human target” activities from the district’s curriculum. The vote was taken after a committee of physical education teachers studied the issue, then recommended eliminating the games.

“We spend a lot of time making sure our kids are violence free,” Windham superintendent Dr. Henry LaBranche said. “Here we have games where we use children as targets. That seems to be counter to what we are trying to accomplish with our anti-bullying campaign.”

Windham is the only local school district to ban dodgeball. Officials in other districts said dodgeball is played less often that it used to be. That’s not, however, due to safety concerns, officials said. In fact, the game is wildly popular at some schools. But fitness-based activities have taken priority.

Of course its human targeting.  Thats the whole point of the game.  You target the smallest, weakest link and you peg them with the ball.  Just like in life, the strong survive.  But too many people don’t see that.  This is what I hate about America.  Too often our country cries when something bad happens to them.  Everyone feels like only good is supposed to happen.  That we’re the land of the free, so therefore anything that may be considered negative to someone has to go.  Wrong.  Its the negativity that makes someone stronger.  Of course, though, bullying is wrong.  I’m not saying that kids should be bullied for looks, or personality, or whatever the case may be.  But to ban dodgeball because you consider it bullying, is mind blowing.  No one uses dodgeball to bully.  Yes, we might take out the weak ones first, but that strategic.  They know that.  That’s why next time they have to bring their A-game and regain the respect of their peers.  Thats all it takes.  Look at the movie Dodgeball, those guys are the epitome of what I speak.  An true underdog story of awkwards going out and making a name for themselves, proving their worth.  That’s the American Dream.  The America that I know and love.

But no, we’ll just continue to ban dodgeball so the weak kids are happy, assign a dress code so the poor kids don’t cry, and handout trophies to every participant- win or lose, so that the un-athletic Urkels get something for their efforts.  We’ll continually teach kids not to go out of their way, that even being mediocre gets you rewarded.



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