Sherwood Brown’s Hair Has A Twitter


This came to my attention yesterday.  This is what its come to, people.  Someone has already created a @SherwoodsHair twitter account.  The dude shakes a couple announcers hands, and wins 2 games in the NCAA tournament with his no-name team and vuala, you have your new flavor of the week.  I should really like Sherwood Brown and Florida Gulf Coast, and usually I would.  But they’re playing Florida and chanting ‘Fuck the Gators’ during their pep rallies, so I’m all aboard the ‘I hate FGCU’ train.  Whatever. Someone has to be in touch with reality, might as well be me.

@SherwoodsHair better bring his ‘A’ game Friday night because I’m going to be tweeting so much shit to that guy.  Heads will spin.  Hair will turn gray.  And Rogaine will be needed.

(h/t Steward(t)?)


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