An Update To The Crazy Mayhem That Was The Jarome Iginla Trade

As most of you now know, Jarome Iginla was traded, then not traded, then traded again, yesterday.  Around noon on Tuesday, Calgary had informed Boston that they were trading Iginla to Beantown.  Then around 5pm, Boston hadn’t heard any further information on the deal, which is when B’s general manager Peter Chiarelli started worrying.  Yeah, I’d start worrying too.  Well around midnight, it was announced that Iginla was going to Boston. 30-minutes later that was completely tossed out the window when Calgary’s game with Colorado was over and they officially announced that Jarome Iginla was going to Pittsburgh and not Boston.

All day I’ve seen on my timeline New England fans bashing Iginla saying that he chose Pitt instead of Boston because Boston is a real hockey team and are too tough for Iginla.  They think that he’s soft and Pittsburgh is soft. Right.  Fact of the matter is, Boston is just as much to blame.  At noon when Calgary said, ‘we have a deal,’ you have to say ‘alright, have the paperwork sent over in an hour signed, we’ll sign and send them back within minutes.’  If that doesn’t happen, something fishy is going on.  Then when you request to speak with Jarome and his agent and you’re rejected by Calgary management, that’s also a fishy sign.  You can’t be agreeing verbally and then sitting around for 5-hours sitting on your hands wondering whats about to happen next.  Poor management. I don’t care if Chiarelli has known Feaster for 15-20 years, you can’t live off of trust in sports.  There’s no such thing as trust in sports.

You can blame Calgary for lying to Boston and leaving them hanging- refusing to answer phone calls, and you can blame Boston for just sitting on their asses and not making sure their offer for Iginla was head and shoulders better- guaranteeing they were getting him.  But no blame can go on Iginla for the choice he made.  If Calgary is giving him the option of going where he’d like to go then he’s perfectly in the right to choose Pittsburgh.  The Pens are leading the Eastern Conference with 52-points and they have the best lineup going.  If you’re Jarome do you want to play with Seguin/Bergeron or Crosby Malkin?  Sidney Crosby alone is enough to sell a team.  He’s the best hockey player going.  If I’m a hockey player and Pittsburgh comes knocking at my door, I’m answering it every single time.


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