Wrestling Family Signs Off On Urn Desecration Angle


TMZ – CM Punk’s seemingly cold-hearted tirade last week during the WWE tribute to Paul Bearer wasn’t at all what it seemed … because we’ve learned Paul’s family gave its stamp of approval before the shenanigans. Paul’s son Michael Moody tells TMZ, the act of desecration was pre-planned … WWE’s creative team approached Paul’s family for permission before the stunt unfolded on live TV. The team wanted to use the diss to promote next month’s Wrestlemania battle between Punk and Undertaker … and Paul’s family was down with it. Michael tells us, “We felt that dad would have wanted us at RAW last week and agreed to the angle … We knew Dad wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.”

In case you missed last week’s RAW, the WWE aired an emotional tribute to the late Paul Bearer … and smack in the middle, CM Punk attacked another wrestler (Kane) with Paul’s urn.

The only people who thought Vince McMahon and the WWE just went about this without the family’s consent are people who don’t know wrestling.  William Moody was a huge part of the WWE’s rise during the attitude era.  There was no way they were going to disrespect the man’s legacy.  Its unfortunate that he had to die, its unfortunate when anyone has to die.  But even from the grave, Paul Bearer is hyping up Wrestlemania for each and every fan. His angle with the CM Punk-Undertaker match is great.  Taker is the good guy, fighting to keep his streak and the legacy of Paul Bearer alive, while CM Punk is the bad guy, trying to tear down everyone around him while fighting for the respect he so desperately feels he deserves.  Its the clash of two greats, from two different eras.  The WWE Universe should openly thank the Moody’s for signing off on these promos.  As sad as it is, his death gave them terrific writing material for the storyline.  Even from the grave Paul Bearer has his finger prints all over wrestling, and fans shouldn’t, and wouldn’t, want it any other way.

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