Who Am I, Wednesday?


Hiring a mariachi band for your birthday is big time.  Unless your name is Chris Bosh.  Then I hate you.  Chris Bosh is trying to do everything to get fans to like him as much as they like LeBron and DWade.  He’s constantly trying to photo bomb the both of them, make jokes, and dance around during games, but when the ball is tipped, he’s crossed up, dunked on and then told by rappers how they fucked his wife.  Average life for Chris Bosh.  He survived the dinosaur extinction and yet is still not liked by anyone.  Such is life, I guess.

PS, Tuesday, Mike Greenberg said on Mike and Mike that Chris Bosh would eventually be in the hall of fame once he retired.  I got so pissed at Greeny for this.  It nauseated me and later led to the worst day I can remember having in a long time.  Fuckin’ Chris Bosh just ruining my life and shit.

(h/t Bleacher Report)


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