Florida Gulf Coast Fan Gets A ‘FGCU Dunk City’ Tattoo

Here it is, folks.  Proof that the FGCU hype has truly taken over.  Fans are now tattooing themselves with their logo.  Must be some real diehards.  So diehard that they’ve been a fan since day 1.  Literally since day one.   Their school became eligible for basketball in 1997 as a division II school.  They didn’t become eligible for division I until 2012.  They’re literally one of the youngest, if not they youngest school and sport’s programs going.  I hope for this guy’s sake he’s a student or an alum.  Otherwise that’s going to be a shitty tattoo for when they go back to be a mediocre program after Friday’s game.  Maybe some tattoo artist can turn that into a Florida Gator afterwards, and make this guy’s life a little less miserable to live with.  Chomp City! Chomp! Chomp! City!

Side Note: Tattoo look like it was well put together and tattooed on well.  I respect the work.

(h/t Bleacher Report)

3 thoughts on “Florida Gulf Coast Fan Gets A ‘FGCU Dunk City’ Tattoo

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  2. Another example of FGCU fever: There’s a Twitter account for Sherwood Brown’s hair called @SherwoodsHair. No joke.

    It’s all fun while it lasts, I guess.


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