CP3 Owns A Shoe Closet That Would Immediately Turn On Any Sneaker Head

This is Chris Paul’s shoe closet.  Not sure how many shoes he owns, but apparently enough to where they’d fill up my entire bedroom.  I don’t want to sound racist, but black people really love their shoes.  I mean, I have 12 pairs of shoes, all different colors for all different kinds of outfits and I get ridiculed by people who know me for being a chick.  Black people got to collect hundreds and no one says anything.  This man has a bedroom/closet for his hundreds of different colored Jordan’s and Nike’s and he makes the news for being cool.  Must be because I’m white.  Prejudice just rearing its ugly head once again.  Its 2013, people, there’s a black president, chicks are running Fortune 500 companies, and dudes are marrying dudes.  Let a white man own hundreds of shoes without negative publicity.  The man is always trying to hold us back.

(h/t Next Impulse Sports)


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