The Whiskey Tornado Will Get You Drunk Without Even Having To Drink A Sip Of Alcohol

Can someone answer me why this wasn’t invented years ago?

Design Taxi – UK-based design duo Sam Bompas and Harry Parr of Bompas & Parr have created a ‘whisky tornado’ that can actually make you drunk when inhaled. Dubbed as the ‘world’s first whisky tornado’, the spinning column of whisky vapor was created using powerful humidifiers and negative air pressure, and trapped in a glass casing. 

As part of the ‘Feed Your Mind: The King’s Festival of Food and Ideas’ in London, visitors can inhale the spinning whisky vapor through a straw. Inhaling the vapor will apparently intoxicate the user, as the “alcohol will be directly absorbed through the lungs” and “straight into the blood”, bypassing the user’s liver—according to a statement issued by Bompas & Parr. 

This isn’t the first time alcohol was made to be inhaled—previously, Chicago bar-owner Julie Palmer created an alcoholic vaporizer called the ‘Vaportini’ that lets users inhale their favorite alcoholic drinks.


So basically you can smoke alcohol now and get drunk off of it.  Can someone answer me why this wasn’t invented years ago?  Drinking is so, blah.  It sucks.  No one enjoys it, and you get so full afterwards.  And don’t get me started on whiskey.  Shit is nice and strong, but the taste will numb your mouth on the first sip while your body shakes trying to choke it down.  I literally look like I’m doing the Harlem Shake.  I’m forced to chug as much as I can each time so I can drink as little as possible in order to get drunk.  This leaves me to get quite drunk and make numerous drunk mistakes.  Ain’t no mistake like a whiskey drinking mistake.  Give me the whiskey tornado and I can take my time, get drunk…., and probably still make whiskey mistakes.  But at least this way I won’t want to throw up each time as well as wanting to kill the person who recommend I do it.  Because we all know peer pressure is a bitch.  Its the reason 90% of us drink, get drunk, and then make the drunk mistakes.  We all have that one buddy who’s like, “You ready to have fun?  Good.  Drink this.  Its Graves Pure Grain mixed with Red Bull and red Gatorade.”  Then the next thing you know its 8:30am and you’re at some chick’s place that you just met. Regular life.


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