The Red Sox Are Desperate To Keep Their Sellout Streak Going

Not a good time to be part of Red Sox Nation, unless you just want to go enjoy some cheap food and beer.

Boston Globe – Faced with the possibility of a dank April, dubious prospects, and swaths of empty red and blue seats, the Red Sox are ripping a page from the strategy manuals of down-market teams across Major League Baseball. They are offering free food and reduced-price beer. Yes, at Red Sox games, though only in April.

Kids under 14 will eat free — well, before the third inning, provided they go to specially designated concession stands to pick up their Fenway Frank, Goldfish, and carton of juice. Around the park, buy one hot dog, get a second for free. Hot chocolate will be sold for half-price. And beer, which flows from the Fenway taps like liquid gold and costs almost as much, will be sold for $5 per 12-ounce cup, down from between $7.50-$8.50.

It’s something that’s more likely to be seen in Kansas City, Mo., or St. Petersburg, Fla., or Arlington, Texas, than Boston, places where fans are often drawn by giveaways and Dollar Dog nights. But with all that went on in 2012 with the Red Sox, it’s clear that the team is ready to admit to fan dissatisfaction and capitulate to fan demand for a friendlier environment around the Olde Towne Team. It also needs to sell tickets.

“We recognize that the sellout streak is likely going to be coming to an end in early April, and we’re looking for ways to thank our fans for their incredible support and commitment,” Red Sox chief operating officer Sam Kennedy said.

The Sox expect their home opener on April 8 against the Orioles to be a sellout — though there were tickets available as of Monday afternoon — but beyond that, there are serious questions.


Not a good time to be part of Red Sox Nation, unless you just want to go enjoy some cheap food and beer.  Which I’m all about.  $5 beers, buy one get one Fenway Franks, kids under 14 eat free, and hot chocolate cut from $4.25 to $2 for the entire month of April.  Good deal, Beantown.  Its obvious that Red Sox management knows they’re at a down time.  Last year was revolting for the true fans.  The pink hats didn’t care, they just stopped going.  But the real fans suffered.  Overpaid players, players who didn’t care, and a coach who literally looked lost 90-percent of the time.  At first it was my dream as a person who enjoys New England failures.  Then it just became sad.  And its still sad.  Their secondary tickets sales- the ones where people sell to other people, were at an average of $400 in 2010.  And yet the Red Sox sold every single ticket.  This year, they’re $200, and the tickets aren’t being sold.  Only opening day is a sellout.  The rest is a mystery.  Instead of worrying so much about the sellout streak, and bringing fans into the ballpark to make money, maybe the Sox should worry more about the players they bring in, the play on the field, and bringing fans in for that reason.  It worked a few years back when Francona was managing.

PS, Every team should be doing this. $7.50 12oz beers, $5 hot dogs, and $4.25 hot cocoa is ridiculous.  You can get a 30 pack of beer for the price of 3 Fenway beers, a large hot chocolate from Dunkin Donuts for $2.44, and a hot dog for about $1.25 ANYWHERE, and those are still overpriced prices.  Baseball parks routinely rip off fans and yet they continually fill the stadium.  I don’t know how they get away with it but they do.  Because of this prices will just get higher and higher.  Its like when a child pushes the envelope with their parents to see just how much they can get away with before they get in trouble.  Sports teams just want to see how much money they can steal from us before we say no.  Next you want to know how your favorite team just signed a player to a $100 million contract, think about that hot dog and beer combo you just bought for  $15.



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