New England Wants To Know, What Exactly Fell Out Of The Sky At The Bruins Game And Did It Land In A Fan’s Beer?

The Bruins are the hot subject around these neck of the woods.  Not their play on ice, or their lack there of lately. But for the mysterious object that landed or didn’t land in a fan’s beer last night.  A little bit ago Felger and Mazz had a caller say that he was in fact the fan and that it was not an earpiece from Geoff Ward.  He says it was tape from Seguin’s stick.  He said Seguin was half coming off the ice when he ripped tape off his stick and threw it at the bench.  He also said that it didn’t clear the glass or land in his beer.  The first part I believe.  It could have been tape from a stick.  The second part is clearly a lie.  It cleared the glass.  You can see him look up, and then him and the chick next to him look down at their feet when the object lands.  It may not have landed in the beer, but it definitely came close.  So here’s my question, after paying $7 or so for beer, would you take the tape out of your beer and drink it or go to the concession stand and drop another $7?  Personally I’d go back to the concession stand.  $7 isn’t worth whatever grossness is skewed all over that ice.  You ever smelled hockey equipment?  Its enough to be used in prisoner of war torture.                                             

(h/t Barstool Sports)


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