Is This… The Greatest Note You Could Find From Your Wife, Or A Sign That You Should Be Worried?

Nothing will excite a guy more than finding a “we’re having sex tonight… more than once” note in his lunch.

Is this the greatest note of all-time from a wife, or just a wife with an evil agenda?  She says now how she’s excited for orgasm after orgasm, cuddle time, multiple rounds in the sheets and then bed, but this was written in the morning.  All chicks are horny in the morning.  Its the night time after work that you have to worry about.  Chick’s brains are overloaded at this point.  They’ve heard all their girlfriends tell them evil boyfriend stories all day which is turns makes them question you without you even doing anything.  They come home from work and just sit on the couch thinking up possible scenarios in their head.  Then you get home, don’t even care about dinner- all you want to do is get in bed because all you’ve been able to think of is your lunch note all day.  She sees you and loses all interest.  You’re then left dumbfounded as to what you did.  Now you’re disappointed and on the verge on suicide. Depression, blue balls like a motherfucker, and hunger.  The usual.  You end up eating a bowl of cereal, 2 blueberry muffins, and you drink a glass of chocolate milk.  After that, you head over to the bedroom where you watch a little Sportscenter while your wife falls asleep with you back to you.  Your typical good day of marriage.

(h/t Reddt)



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