Bryan Cranston Was Robbed For His ‘Breaking Bad’ Script

Huff Post – A man accused of breaking into “Breaking Bad” actor Bryan Cranston’s car late last year and stealing a script for the popular television show set in New Mexico has been arrested, authorities said Monday. Bernalillo County Sheriff’s officials said Xavier Macafee, 29, was being held on suspicion of burglary.

Macafee, of Albuquerque, was booked into jail last Friday and made his initial court appearance Monday, according to authorities who didn’t immediately know if he had a lawyer. Deputy Aaron Williamson, a spokesman for the sheriff’s department, said none of the stolen items have been recovered but detectives were investigating the case. He said other items reported taken from Cranston’s car were an iPad, a shoulder bag and “miscellaneous personal items.” Cranston’s car was broken into Dec. 20 while it was parked at Sandia Peak, authorities said.

The award-winning AMC TV series is set in Albuquerque and is filming its fifth and final season in and around the city. “Breaking Bad” follows Cranston’s character Walter White producing and selling methamphetamine with a former student named Jesse Pinkman, who’s played by Aaron Paul. A call to AMC network officials in California for comment on the script theft wasn’t immediately returned Monday afternoon.

Bad move robbing from Heisenberg, bro.  That dude doesn’t play well with others.  You probably read that in the script that you stole.  He may look like your regular, weird guy.  Your typical science teacher.  But inside is a monster.  He’s an egomaniac who is determined to be on top of the world.  The best of the best.  He convinced a guy to suicide bomb Gus, he choked out a guy in Jesse’s basement, and he blew up a drug dealer’s home with fake meth.  That’s just a quick summary.  He’s put all the other dealers on notice… Heisenberg is the only one who runs Albuquerque, New Mexico.  And he did it all with his brother in-law being a cop, trying to hunt down the supposed ‘Heisenberg.’

A part of me is kind of jealous that Xavier already knows how the final season ends.  That’s almost worth going to jail for.  I’m itching for it to come back.  Hank finding Walt’s book from Gale was an insane cliffhanger.  My only hope for the final episodes is that Skyler dies and that Walt is the one that kills her.  Hate, hate that broad.  She takes crazy to a whole new level.  She thinks she’s such a bad ass because Walt hid from her that he was a drug dealer and now she’s laundering his money.  Pump ya breaks, boo.  You’re just his accountant.  Either get happy and get on the money train, or smoke that laced cigarette and die of a heart attack.


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