What The Fuck, Monday

Today’s has been a rough day for me.  Woke up late, had to sit in some law class for 3-hours, take 2 tests, didn’t get to eat lunch, missed an appointment, couldn’t blog until just now and I found out Selena Gomez might have had sex with Wacka Flocka- all while running on 3-hours of sleep. That just beats out my day, however.  Even though they did bring it onto themselves.  Who the hell chases after a tornado?!  Tornado chasers are the worst kind of people.  You guys do know that those things move at a high rate of speed, destroy miles of land and scoop people up and fling them to their deaths?  I drive away from tornados.  They’re the only thing I fear out of all the natural disasters.  Hurricanes? Meh.  Blizzards? Meh.  Earthquakes?  Meh.  Tornados?  Get me the fuck out of dodge real quick.  But not these retarded Australians.  They head right into the belly of the beast, and almost get sucked up into it.

At least they have a cool story and video to show for it now.  Swagger/Badass meter just went up 6-points.  And chicks love badasses.


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