Florida Gulf Coast Looks Like They’re Enjoying Themselves

You become the first 15 seed to make the Sweet 16 and this is what happens… magic.  You know this dude was all in his costume like, “oh yeah.” I’m guessing its not too often that mascots get love.  It has to be one of the lower respected college jobs or responsibilities.  Like I’m guessing male cheerleaders get more respect and being a male cheerleader is the lowest of the low.  I know you do it to check chicks out, touch their ass, and hope that they’ll sleep with you, but I don’t know if its worth the hassle outside of all that.  With being a mascot, you don’t even get the ‘ass touching, chick hanging out with’ side of it.  You get to walk around in some ridiculous costume, cheering for a sports team.  Until that one day your team wins twice in the NCCA tournament and some cheerleader gets so carried away with herself that she runs up and mounts you post game.  That makes all the days of ridicule worth it.  You go, FGC Eagle.

PS, Thanks for the ass view, sweetie.


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