ESPN Lets Florida Gulf Coast Go Out And Disrespect The Florida Gators By Chanting “Fuck The Gators” On Live TV

Utter disappointment in ESPN. I get you want to air FGCU’s Pep Rally. They’re the hot thing. But you cant just go around airing such a gross act. You just sat there while FGCU chanted ‘Fuck the Gators’ right in your face. A minute and a half and you just allowed every second of it. That’s gross. Gross. Gross. Gross. And its classless on the part of you and FGCU. And that is something UF is not. FGCU’s coach is so smug smiling and laughing at the chant. Thinks its ideal to be the ‘cool’ coach that everyone likes. Thinks its cool how cocky his players act 24/7. And he lets them chicken dance all over the god damn bench. You’re nauseating me, bro. I love cocky but you try to hard. I can tell by your wife. FGCU is 16-years old. Chill the fuck out. Florida is a powerhouse university. A monster in every sport. You guys are located on the beach and your development is younger than all of your students. Get in check. You beat Georgetown and San Diego St. Georgetown is regularly garbage, and before last year I didn’t even know San Diego St was a college. Come Friday, you guys are getting the bully beat down. Gator Chomping all over Jerry Land in Arlington, Texas. Eat a dick, Florida Gulf Coast.

Side Note: Sherwood Brown is cool unless he comes out and bashes the Gators. Then I’m cutting off all friendship with him. He’ll be as good as dead to me. Like Andy and most of their student body are right now.

PS, John Anderson, can you even talk, bro? “Ain’t nobody party like a Florida Golf Course party, ’cause a Florida Gulf Coast party don’t stop?” Nice sentence completion.

PSS, A little Gator Pride from E.A. …
andrews                          I feel ya, boo.

10 thoughts on “ESPN Lets Florida Gulf Coast Go Out And Disrespect The Florida Gators By Chanting “Fuck The Gators” On Live TV

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  2. I’ve been to many Gator events and class is definately not something they can brag about. They’re probably the worst there is. God forbid a little guy walks up to the pearly gates of Gainesville and punches Florida in the mouth. FGCU should get some credit for not backing down. The gators and the their fans are just crying because FGCU has the spotlight.
    Get some Dink City in your life.

  3. Sounds like a cry for help to me…boohoo.

    “You guys are located on the beach and your development is younger than all of your students. Get in check.”

    LOL what? Come on down to Dunk City and get a tan, spend your time doing something a little more beneficial than bullying us over the World Wide Web 😉

  4. This guy is a fucking joke. UF fans are by far the most classless, arrogant, piece of shit fans in the country. None of their fans attended the school. UF has the ugliest student body in the country and the majority of their fans are fat, white trash, jort wearing assholes. I hope the Gaytors get their ass beat…. Dunk City mother fucker.

    -Go ‘Noles

  5. I’m a senior at FGCU, and most of us have more class than this. I’m proud of my school, but not proud of this. Every college has their share of dumbasses and ESPN just showed off our….Not letting it get me down.. Our school doesn’t stand for this! Go Eagles!

  6. Can’t*, Isn’t*, Your* Please learn how to spell correctly.

    And also, I’m guessing “Eat a dick, Florida Gulf Coast” is more classy?

  7. Don’t blame this on FGCU, bro. This was clearly ESPN’s fault, as usual, because they get to the party late and think everyone will jump on the bandwagon after they’ve covered it (news to the World Wide Leader: Everyone already knows about the Eagles).

    Sure, the chant was a bit disrespectful to put on cable television, but as you can see from some of the older patrons in the audience (most of which probably didn’t attend FGCU because they were out of school by the time the university was founded), people were a bit uncomfortable with it.

    This was the student body being a normal student body. Don’t even try to tell me that all you Gators (I’m assuming you are associated with the university in some way) don’t do the same thing in reference to Miami or FSU.

    Get off your high horse, bro. And FYI, Florida may not roll over these guys. The Gators nearly let an extremely inconsistent Minnesota team (I think I can speak on the subject since I’m from a Big Ten school) back into the game, and were helped out by the fact that Hollins had to sit out during a crucial four minute stretch in the second half. Most people were completely disregarding the KenPom rankings for the Gators heading into the tourney cause, uh…the SEC was so piss poor this season.

    Don’t be surprised if the Eagles get the best of yet another highly seeded squad; they aren’t playing like a No. 15 seed, and are as loose as you can be out on the court.


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